Beyond Luxury, Beyond Wellness.

Welcome to 212 Med Spa, an oasis of rejuvenation nestled in the heart of Edmonds. We are dedicated to enriching your health & wellness journey with a blend of luxury, innovation, and holistic care. Immerse yourself in our exclusive therapies, from transformative Red Light & Cryotherapy to invigorating Cold Plunges & serene Heat Therapy sessions. Our tailored services are designed to complement your active lifestyle, ensuring a harmonious balance between physical vitality & mental tranquility. At 212 Med Spa, your journey to unparalleled wellness begins.


The Art of Luxe

At 212 Med Spa, we believe in a harmonious blend of luxury and wellness, where each treatment is a step towards balance and rejuvenation. Our philosophy centers on personalized care, cutting-edge therapies, and an environment that caters to the mind, body, and spirit, crafting a unique journey to vitality for every individual.


Meet Our Specialists

Alexandra Andrews


Kendall Jacobsen

Lead Master Esthetician

Greg Beach

Quality Assurance Specialist

Jenni Gallagher

Registered Nurse

Embark on a voyage to discover our sophisticated treatments.